Wrapping up the Endocannabinoid System… Onto Understanding…

We talked a lot in our previous section about the endocannabiniod system and how it works in detail. We discussed how we are born with and continue developing special receptors throughout lives which act and function as body administrators to allow for cellular acceptance of cannabinoids i.e., “CBD” and “Hemp” products. Without the CB1 and CB2 receptors, we would be without the ability to absorb and benefit from all the wonderful products developed over the years and more importantly, we would be unable to maintain a healthy hormonal balance or the system stasis that our body’s require to maintain a good healthy immune system.

To summarize, these special receptors are essential in allowing our bodies all the natural and healthy benefits that come from Hemp and Healthy’s line of top tier products. We aim and continue to focus on providing our customers the most up to date information and as always, remain and adhere to providing only the highest quality products which includes up to date accurate information. Below we will explain the differences between hemp, marijuana, and CBD.


It is becoming increasingly important to understand the differences between hemp and marijuana and how each relate to Cannabis. There is much confusion due to the complications this can present for hemp and CBD users. Therefore, it is a major priority at Hemp and Healthy to make sure we have done our due diligence in providing our customers quality information and not just quality product.

In stark contrast to marijuana, the hemp plant will not “give you a high”, nor cause any type of euphoric effect. This simple fact is what creates the largest difference between the legal hemp plant vs.the illegal marijuana plant. Unless you reside in a state that recreational or medical marijuana is legal, you are still unable to buy, sell, or possess anything derived from marijuana legally. (Even if you live in a state with legal cannabis, you still must go to a licensed dispensary to access it).

With the considerable distinction between marijuana and hemp, unfortunately many people mistakenly believe these come from different plants, when in fact, hemp and marijuana belong to the same genus and same species of cannabis,  with the main differences being the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), vs anything below the levels of 0.3 % (Delta-9 THC per state/ per 3rd party testing application).


Focused on CBD…

Hemp and Healthy came into existence because of this wonderful molecule and its vast benefits to the human body. We are proud to be among the first to create, implement, and standardize high quality processes and recipe creation with CBD and its variants.

Their are primarily two types of quality CBD variants on the market today, the first being CBD isolate, and the second, a broad spectrum CBD which has much more of a profile that resembles a standard cannabis plant (along with most of its other cannabinoids); all without the hassle of having to wonder that you might fail an upcoming job evaluation or put your current career in jeopardy.

*Hemp and Healthy does not use hemp seed oil in any of its products nor do we recommend this alternative due to the many untested products on the market today using this often cheaper alternative. Third party testing has also shown possible contaminants within many of said “bulk” products in the past. We continue in making strides everyday for each and every one of our valued and indispensable customers.

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